Wantoat Scripture Use Workshop

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Danny taught about God's view of the mother-tongue, Culture and Christianity, and other topics.
Becca was excited to work with the ladies, helping them to learn to read the Wantoat Scriptures.
In small groups participants discussed the material and prepared feedback.
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Much of the information was very new and stimulated lively discussion.
This pastor said, 'I have not been preaching in the Wantoat language... but now I'm convicted that God wants me to use Wantoat in church.'
Discussions about how Christianity and Wantoat culture interact generated lots of interest.
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These women were eager to learn to read Scripture in their own language.
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Some people read God's Word in Wantoat publicly for the first time.
Wantoat women are often timid about public reading, but these women demonstrated great faith and confidence.
Drama was a engaging way to present some of the material in the workshop.

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