Danny and Becca DeLoach

Serving the people of Papua New Guinea
through Scripture Engagement


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Wantoat Visit in February 2011 (Photo album)

Negotiate more treacherous bridges. Witness the excitment of reading God's Word for the first time in your own language. And participate in a village cooking class!

Wantoat Visit in March - April 2010 (Photo album)

Cross deep gorges. See the joy of learning to read Wantoat. Hike through beautiful rainforest. And celebrate Easter!

Wantoat Visit in June - July 2009 (Photo album)

Hike the muddy mountain trails. Celebrate with a welcome back party. Get re-acquainted with our Wantoat village family. And enjoy the excitment generated by the new Saber music player!

Wantoat Faces (Photo album)

Enjoy some smiles from Wantoat

Danny's Trip to PNG (Photo album)

Come along on a journey to Wantoat. During this trip the only available transport to the village was by helicopter, and the normally cloudy mountains were amazingly clear. This made for exceptional scenery! After returning to the missionary base, peek in on a few of the classes in the Scripture Use Strategies workshop.

Helicopter Takeoff from Wantoat (Video length 0:33) NEW!

Get a front seat view from the helicopter cockpit as it takes off from the Wantoat airstrip.

Ministry in the Village (Photo album)

Folopa New Testament Dedication

Folopa Faces

Folopa Scenery

Folopa Video - Higher resolution (4:14)

Folopa Video - Lower resolution (4:14)

Summary Report of Folopa New Testament Dedication

Wantoat Church Conference

This was a huge event for the Wantoat people! It was their chance to host other Christians from all over their region of Papua New Guiena, and it gave us an opportunity to strengthen relationships with many church leaders.

Literacy Hike

A team of church leaders hiked with Danny to several distant villages. Over the course of one week we trained 259 people how to read the Wantoat language. Our target audience was people who were already literate in the trade language (Melanesian Pidgin).

Gospel Recordings

Pastor Nickson Soal, serving with Gospel Recordings PNG, created a cassette of Wantoat worship songs and distributed Bible stories that had been previously recorded in the Wantoat language. Both were a big hit!

Video of Driving into Wantoat

This gives you a taste of traveling into Wantoat by road. Most of the trip was on foot, but this short video shows the first portion which is somewhat usable by vehicles. (The video is 1:23 minutes long and 2.5 Megabytes)

Life in the Village Jan - Mar 2006

Trek into Wantoat on foot. Celebrate Anna's second birthday. Join a village Bible study.

Life in the Village Aug - Nov 2005

Meet the Wantoat Scripture Use committee. Visit a Papua New Guinea Independence Day celebration. Drop in on a Wantoat church confirmation service.

Wantoat Church Conference - Aug 2005

First Wantoat Scripture Use Workshop - Nov 2005

Wantoat Visit in Apr - May 2005

Although this was a short visit, God blessed us with many opportunities for interesting cultural observations.

Wantoat Visit in Jan - Mar 2005

We continue to be so blessed by the kindness and generosity of our village family and friends. Our primary goal during this village stay was to continue language and culture learning.

Wantoat Visit in Oct - Dec 2004

This was our first extended stay in the village. During this time we continued language and culture learning. We also finished some big house projects, making daily living a littler easier. Anna continued to thrive! Praise the Lord!

Wantoat Visit in August 2004

This was our first visit to the Wantoat area as a family. Anna did great! The people loved her, and she loved them! We began building relationships, learning the language and setting up our village house.

Wantoat Visit in June 2004

During this visit Danny set up the radio and made other preparations for the whole family to come later. He also met with Wantoat church leaders and hiked to several villages to introduce us and our ministry.

Wantoat Visit in May 2004

This was Danny's first visit among the Wantoat people after officially accepting our assignment to serve there. The people went all-out to welcome us.

Scripture Use Course in Lae

In the coastal town of Lae Danny and two other Wycliffe missionaries spent a week training 70 Bible college students how to better use their mother-tongue Scriptures in ministry.

2003 Year in Review

Some snapshots of life in 2003.

Wantoat pre-allocation visit

In December 2003 we visited the Wantoat people group in the Morobe Province to investigate the potential of a literacy and Scripture Use ministry there.

Nyindrou pre-allocation visit

Prior to visiting the Wantoat people, we explored the possibility of a ministry among the Nyindrou people of Manus Province.