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Anna's Video Clips

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Added Mar 2006

Happy Singing

In the beginning of this clip Anna is singing "Happy Birthday". As the song goes on you'll hear refrains from "Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me so..." She also throws in a mention of her "baut" (village cousin) and "nanjik" (village uncle). (This video is 1:32 minutes long and 2.7 Megabytes)

Added Dec 2005

Ultrasound of Anna's New Brother or Sister (0:58)

Anna's First Words (1:04)

Singing Christmas Songs in the Bathtub (0:56)

Reading Christmas Book (0:34)

Saying "Strawberry" (0:35)

Anna and Rachel Playing - Part 1 (0:37)

Anna and Rachel Playing - Part 2 (1:10)

Waving at Cars Going By (1:07)

Telling about the Airplane (0:44)

Dancing (0:45)

Telling about the Birthday Party She Attended (1:22)

Added April 2005

Eating on My Own

Playing ball

Playing the Xylophone

Added Before April 2005



New Doll

Newborn - Twenty Second Video

Newborn - 10 Second Video

Note: these video clips are intentionally very short so that the files are not too big to download over the Internet.

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