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Anna's Photo Albums

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Anna's Life in the Village - Aug to Nov 2005

Anna's First Trip to the States

Kisses Galore!!

First Time at the Beach

Easter 2005

Anna's First Birthday

Anna's First Christmas

Four to Six Months

Two to Four Months

From Australia to Papua New Guinea

With Anna’s birth certificate, passport and visa in hand we returned to PNG, where she met some of her cousins for the first time and got to spend a few more days with Grandma Federwitz.

Anna’s First Week

Anna’s first passport picture, her first trip to McDonalds and other moments from her first week in the world.

Welcome to the World

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Anna Christine, born at 10:04PM on February 11, 2004 in Cairns, Australia, weighing 8lbs and 3oz and measuring 20.5 inches long.